lets see what george has to say about this

so george carlin had a little something to say about stuff


really really really

so today i took my self on down to the really really free market

so the really really free market is this movement where an temporary alternative market based on gifting is set up.

basically you put out what you have to give away and take what you want of what others have put out.

it’s not a trade or a barter.

it’s kind of amazing.

and san francisco has one on the last saturday of every month in dolores park. 


 (see i really went)

and it rocked my world, sort of.

i brought some books i finished reading, some ink cartridges, a pair of too big shoes, and a set of 4 tupperware i don’t get along with.


and i got some issues of harpers and mother jones

also a great shirt from hong kong, a bag with a leica and a rattlesnake on it

some fab-lous hard cover books, reflective tape for my bike, stickers,

and had an somewhat intense conversation about milton friedman.

oh! also a free home grown pomegranate


i had to walk my bike up the octavia hill it was so heavy with books and such.

also-do you see that amazing floor length down coat in the picture above? how was i able to resist this? i tell you, nerves of steel.

so to recap

last sat of every month

dolores park

about 1 to 5pm

because who doesn’t get up before noon? anarchists and art students.


so if you’re a member of the CCA design mfa program and are lucky enough to enjoy the luxurious studio digs, you have seen this:


so my girl andre has this really cool bolg called coffee cup crusade

you should read it cuz it’s really great

she’s giving up paper coffee cups and studying the impact that different types of cups have on the environment

so we were talking about a coupla things, first being that no coffee= death, the impact from the making and transporting of new coffee mugs, and how it could be made easier for people to have access to an actual coffee mug when they needed one. and we realized that there were tons of already-made ceramic mugs in cabinets and goodwills everywhere. not to imply that energy wasn’t used to make these puppies, but their impact has already been made, in contrast to a making a brand new one. we decided to join forces. we wondered would people use them? would they steal them? would they wash a mug that wasn’t theirs, or leave it to mold in the dark recesses of grad design?

soooo we went to goodwill and got some cheep/fabulous mugs and left them on the coffee counter. ninja style.

nobody used them.

so after a week we added a note that these mugs were for everyone to use. 

that seemed to help.

we’re about 3 weeks in, and it seems as if the mugs are being used. and that mostly, they are washed after being used. so hopefully, we were able to save a few unnecessary paper cups from the landfill, and share groovy used mugs with the world. 

have you used one of these mugs? lemme know what you think.

this may be confusing

so those of you (and by those i mean my multitude of loyal readers…and by multitude i mean three) who are in the program at CCA with me (and by that i mean yo, we’re classmates) know what i speak of when i say that I have form studio with martin right now

if you’re not in class with me, be prepared, it’s about to get a bit confusing, and i won’t be clarifying-sorry

anyway, so i picked the needle point hoop and the exacto knife, and now i have to figure out what the sam hill to do with them

so, first line of business=trip to scrap!

thats right kids-i got ink, charcoal, chalk line chalk, paper, string, watercolors, extra hoops, paint, and a gabazillion other toys as well as some great books and a stylin’ wood wine box to hold all the free fabric i got off freecycle last week. 


heck ya

bring it vanesky

in defense of spending

so there i was, haplessly trolling the internet, hoping to find just what went wrong in Madonna’s marriage, when i stumble across this article in Slate.

its true, dagnabit, we need to spend to keep our economy cruising along at top speed, windows down, stereo on.

(oh slate, how i love to hate thee)

our entire economy is structured around the making, selling, and buying of new stuff.

so if we stop  buying stuff, the ferris wheel will run out of tokens and grinds to a stop

it’s like we’ve built this crazy rotisserie wheel and we have to keep buying more stuff and going into more debt just to keep the contraption going.
and also,  considering that we are in the middle of a financial crisis that was spearheaded by the idea that people should really keep buying things that they can’t afford and worry about it later, maybe i could venture to say that perhaps the model isn’t working? 

more to follow


also, i think i’ve about topped out on the analogies here

so i’ve been thinking

so i’ve been doing this for a while now, and what strikes me is this

i’ve been doing this no buying stuff think for a bit now, and it has saved me some serious dough

but, i’m not missing anything

i mean, at some point i am going to break down an buy a roll of scotch tape, but beyond that i’m really not denying myself anything

everything i’ve wanted, i’ve gotten

and i think because i had less choices (damn you amazon) i was completly stoked with what i ended up with

and on my grad school string budget i find myself with a touch of extra cash

so now i have that little bit of play in my budget that means i get to make choices with what i buy

like i decided that i could afford to get my cats off of the (cheaper) clay (sodium bentonite) litter and onto more sustainable corn/wheat litter


makes cats happy

makes cats happy






so i’ve got that going for me

used bike tires, anyone?

ok, so this guy is using used bike tires to make belts for a fundraiser winterfest, a san francisco bicycle coalition fundraiser. 

this is his blurb as it appeared on freecycle: 


I make belts out of used bike tires and am currently making some for the San FranciscoBicycle Coalition’s winter fundraiser, Winterfest.  All proceeds to benefit SFBC.  Please see link for an example.  If you have any interesting tires laying around, I’d be happy to take them off your hands.

ok, so this is his email: sfenjoy1@yahoo.com

anyway, the belts look really sweet, and i’ve been just tossing worn out bike tires (aaah! bike tires are made from petroleum products) so i think this is rad, and as soon as the sexy black and reds i’ve got on my trusty peugeot bust open, i’ll send them over.